Microsoft Updates Stop the Frustration


Some of you like to turn off your Computers at night time, or even your Modem/|Router or both, is this really good idea?

Well if we look at the way Microsoft do updates ,which is mainly night time, and install by default at 3 am well lets see what happens.


Frustrated by Windows 10 updates Let Microsoft work there Magic.

Your ready to start work or just check your emails, or working from home, and you have some important work to do.

Turn on your Computer, because it has been off all night, it then starts to download your updates in the back ground, sometimes this can be quite large.

Depending on how fast your internet is, this can also slow down your work progress, if your working via internet and can be frustrating if you don`t know what is that is going on, so to use the old method of cure, you restart or turn off your Computer and turn on again, depending on how far the downloads in the back ground of updates has progressed, all of sudden you are met with on screen warning  PLEASE DON`T TURN OF YOUR COMPUTER/PC  CONFIGURING WINDOWS with nice little circle going round and round, you are getting more and frustrated  you need to get your work done!

So you wait and wait, wait, so what do you do in frustration you turn off your PC (WRONG!)  turn it on again back to the lope.

What could happen now is Windows 10 or 7  the updates can become corrupt.

Would it not have made more sense not to turn off your PC/Computer Modem/Router off at night let Microsoft work it`s  magic while your in Bed asleep when morning comes your PC/Computer is set to go.

Just a thought.  I accept no responsibility for this advice just my opinion, but always use Surge protector on sensitive equipment.

For more information on Microsoft Updates please click the link below.

Microsoft Updates