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Don’t you love Microsoft, the latest update Code named Redstone 4 Creators update 1709 causes problems on older PC`s Black Screen and just the mouse, ok don’t panic, firstly in time you’re going to need New PC more modern, go on treat yourself, recommend at least i5 quad core 3.5ghz 8GB memory 1000Gb Hard Drive!

Ok let’s see if the salesman can talk you into SSD drive very fast no moving parts, ok sounds good but if its only 250GB or less without internal Sata Drive you’re going to run out of space very fast.

Then when the next huge Microsoft update downloads without asking you once a year! You might get an error please clear some space. Well again there is ways round that but why should you have to!

Ok. I got side tracked, black screen and just the mouse thing, frustrating! Don’t panic Windows 10 will look after you if you know how to ask nicely!

Here is what you do, turn off the Computer just before it starts up by holding down the on off button do this three times then let the PC start on the fourth time, Windows 10 will revert back to previous build! How good is that! You PC will start up boot to windows again! How good is that! It thought it it was so good , it was worth saying twice! BUT and BIG BUT, you have won the war not the battle, because Microsoft will do it again Welcome Back Black Screen.

Ok few things we can do first of all most important is see if there is an update for your Graphics Card to the most recent update.

Unplug everthing from the PC , no not the mouse or the keyboard leave them plugged in!

Update all the drivers , then if you feel lucky! Try the update again, but if you get the black screen you going to have restart on ,off three times sit and wait while Windows Reverts Back.

So how can we delay it, while you backup all your files, because you can’t stop it! It will happen.

One way is to change your power setting so the Computer does not go to sleep because like humans if you go to sleep while trying to survive game over!

Another way is to tell your Computer you’re on-meter settings for Data, by rights Microsoft should not download or install large file only the urgent security updates, but there is no guarantee!

Well there you have it, no cure only a delay, you will lose, treat yourself to new sparkly flash PC