Windows latest update Redstone 4 Update 1709

We are all worried about being hit by ransomware, we can protect ourselves, with few simple steps, one of them make sure you have an updated system image of your PC, very simple open Control Panel, click on restore windows 7, don’t worry you won’t be able to restore windows 7! But when the window opes look to your left panel you will see create system image, ensure you have an external hard drive plugged into your PC usb slot, preferable blue usb which means it is USB 3 which is over 50 times faster than USB 2, so won’t take so long, once completed make sure you accept to create rescue disk. Don’t confuse system image with strait forward backup they are very different, an image is complete picture of your PC programs, operating system OEM registrations the lot!

Always make sure you have back up of all your nice photos and documents. this goes without saying.

But my point Microsoft new update has totally revamped Windows Defender, this can now add more protection to your system but it’s not done by default, you have to do it, which is simple go have a look by clicking on Windows icon bottom left corner, then clog settings, update security, then windows defender, Advanced options there you have it, oh while you there you can change active hours to choose when windows downloads updates, and also restart options, windows does have to restart to install updates, you can chose all these now, so everything does not slow down when you are working, or just restarts in middle of your master piece!