Full Tuneup & Health Check

When you first bought your Computer it was great, turn it on, and it was fairly quick, but over time without you knowing, its begins to slow down.

When there comes time, you have to wonder off, make a Pot of Tea, or Mug of coffee, or if it has going really slow, breakfast! Then come back sit down hopefully it has passed the start up screen, the egg timer has stopped

This can be caused by several issues, unnecessary startup items starting when your PC starts, perhaps malware, or even worse Trojan virus in the background,

I know most sensible people, have virus security but sometimes virus can get by these and you don`t even realise.

Or malware sitting in the back ground some virus checkers are not able to see these.

MrWizz offers to take the worry out. for only £65 inclusive we will collect your PC and perform full Health and Tune up of your PC and return back to you, also offering free 48 hours support from Return of your PC .

Distance of 15 miles from Attleborough Norfolk .