New Pc Setup

New PC Setup, you brought it home, packed away in nice brand new box, you look at your old PC and wondering how your going to setup your new Computer so it is the same as your old computer perhaps your old Computer was WINDOWS 7 and your new Computer is now WINDOWS 10.

What I offer is:

  • Transferring your Photos from your old PC to your new PC.
  • Moving your important Documents.
  • Moving your email and folders from your old PC to the new PC
  • Installing your Applications (programs) from your Old PC (please note you will need the original installation Discs or OEM installation code)
  • Setting up your New PC so you're familiar with how it works.
  • Ensuring you have adequate Security Installed on your new PC 
  • Most importantly  making sure that your old PC is not infected as to not transfer the infection to your new PC
  • And when everything is set up how you would like, we can create system image so if anything goes wrong in the future you can turn back the clock put your PC back to how it was. This will need external Hard Drive of at least 500Gb Which we can supply if needed. for an additional cost.
  • We will also show you also how system restore works, this can turn back the clock to any date when your PC was working ok, this is different from system image.
  • Also, we can give 30-minute tutorial on your new operating system to get you started.
  • We also give 48 hours remote support if you get stuck not sure how to complete a certain Task on your new PC .