New Service Remote Support

 Remote Encrypted Support (Working Internet Connection is Needed.)

Sometimes it just not convenient to have Tech Guy in your home, and you are dubious about letting your PC out of your sight and go into strange hands, well what is the alternative?  Your PC is misbehaving!

What do you consider, well how about if someone i.e  MrWizz I.T Support could help you solve the issues as if he was there by your side? How does that sound?

How it works we setup a mutual time were we both sit down, I email you a link to download a small file, which will then  generate a string of one off random numbers , you then tell me those  numbers,which allows me to connect to your PC / Computer/LaptopAs if I was sat  there with you. Ah,hear you, its about your email not working, no problem, please click on the link below to download a small file, open then click run to generate the numbers which i need to connect to your PC at this time you are the only one that knows these numbers.  each  time you shut down your PC, those numbers will not work. you need to do the above again to generate a completely different set of numbers.

So we can go from the poor person above to this calm calm person below which of Course is ME Malcolm  🙂

Hi I am Malcolm I am your local I.T Tech person, I have over 17 years experience repairing computer and internet related issues




No suprises on the cost Min charge is £25 which buys 1 hour of remote support then billed in 1/4 hour incrediments  payable in advance.

You can pay by credit card secure checkout once recieved we can setup remote support.

Remote Support

Please Click here to download Remote Key Generator


Some of the of the issues we can fix. Appart from Tuition learning a new operating system,if your not familer to Windows 10 upgrading from Win 7, dont forget January of next year Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7.

  • Malwareware
  • spyware
  • virus
  • Install Software
  • Slow Computer Startup
  • Programs Freezing
  • Windows is Slow to Boot
  • Applications won’t install
  • Windows Update problems
  • Apps behaving badly
  • Apps/Program crashes
  • Slow internet 
  • Browser slow
  • Much More.
  • Health Check