PC Health Check

PC Health Check and Tuneup

Slow Computer Full Tune up and Health Check and Updates

In time without you are noticing your Computer begins to slow down, before long you’re on your way to the kitchen to make a hot drink while windows 10 loads up.

Or you just switched on your computer and dreaded update starts swirling circle, so you trudge back to the kitchen cook full English Breakfast in the hope Windows has started by the time you get back.

Sometimes your infected by Malware and you don’t even know, or conflicts of programs can cause your PC to slow down.

Lot of people have Internet security then deicide they don’t like that version so change but without removing the old completely first, this can cause serious issues, and freeze you PC.

If you can supply hard drive, at least with 500gb. I will also perform a system image backup.What I am offering is for one a cost of £65+ Parts if needed. I will pick up your Computer and give it full health check, includes virus & spyware removal, optimisation to free up space and deep system scans to speed things up and keep you secure. System File check, Disk error check, all impending Microsoft updates. Conflicts checks. Malware clean.

Image backup is taking a snapshot of your entire PC at that time, so if anything went totally wrong in the future, we could return your PC back to the time of the snap shot.

Then return you PC back to your place and setup, ready for you to use.

Plus 2 days support from time of returning your PC, in case there are any issues you need to discus I am perfect 99% of time, but the 1% I might not be. 😊