Remote Support

What is Remote Connection to your PC/Computer? Quite simply is where someone you trust, you allow to work and connect to your computer as if they were sat in with you, they can see your screen and control your mouse, they can't see you, so any need to do the housework for Computer man coming round. you download a small program to your PC and run it, this generates a one-off security key, string of numbers, which you then tell me over the phone, I put these into my software, which then allows me to connect to your PC. as if I am there with you. Make no mistake this is one-off code, once the Computer Tech has finished and disconnected, As soon as you restart your Computer that one off-key won't work, so there not able to connect again, until your run the software again to generate a new completely different security key. 

That's it, Computer tech can be 1000,s miles away.